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  1. FLTV is LIVE

    Watch your favorite local bands talk to the FLTV staff and play live on stage!

  2. COVID 19 Update

    The COVID 19 epidemic has been devastating on a scale no one could have imagined even a couple months ago. We have lost so much and so many. The independent venue and emerging arts community has all but reached a stand still with no end in sight. The mission of Footlight was to provide a platform for the emerging arts and our community to learn and grow in their craft. Footlight has been known to be resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges. In the coming months we will be introducing our plan to continue our mission in a safe and sustainable way for our patrons and for the artists and to provide jobs within our community. We have joined others in our industry to create NIVA, National Independent Venues Association, in order to have a unified voice to look beyond the challenges we face today during this unprecedented pandemic and overcome it’s impact.

  3. Damn the man, Save The Footlight

    It’s incredibly hard to run a small business anywhere, but especially in NYC. There is a lot of competition. The transit to and from your location isn’t always reliable. Rent is incredibly high. Landlords are content to cut corners and meet bare minimum requirements rather than properly maintain their properties. The city regulations and its agencies are merciless and constant. There is a reason that rows of commercial districts are filled with For Lease signs and empty storefronts in every borough. Williamsburg in particular has become a high end strip mall where Cameo, Death By Audio, Glasslands, and Trash Bar used to regularly host local artists and musicians on a nightly basis.